Why should you use a Certified Travel Counselor to plan
your trip?

How does one sort through the enormous volume of information available without becoming overwhelmed with the details?

Use a
Certified Travel Counselor

In just a few words:

• professionalism,
• time savings,
• peace of mind
• added value.

Here is what Travel & Leisure has to say about Sally:

Sally Watkins
Insider Clout: For a Caravaggio enthusiast, Watkins enlisted an art historian guide to escort the client to three churches in Rome to admire seminal Caravaggio works, followed by a visit to one of the artist’s former studios, just off the Piazza Fontanella Borghese. Years as agent: 24. Other specialty: Italy, Europe, Australia. Consulting fee: From $350.

By using a Certified Travel Counselor (a distinction awarded by the The Travel Institute in Wellesley, MA. after a two year course of study), you can be assured that you are dealing with a knowledgeable, well-traveled and professional travel consultant.

St Croix to St Thomas

And in the case of Sally Watkins, one who is also resourceful and creative, able to work with budget ranges from very moderate to ultra-deluxe.

Kangaroo near Adelaide, Australia

The experience and expertise of a CTC saves you time: instead of having to ferret out hotels or tour guides to match your likes and price ranges, the counselor can do that for you and present you with several on-target options from which to choose; intead of having to try to calculate train or car travel time, or know what the weather will be like, a CTC can provide that information for you.

Near Big Fork, Montana

Rather than being leery about what internet airfare discounters are reputable, you can trust your consultant to know who is and isn't safe to use. And perhaps even more importantly, if you run into a problem or need to make a change before or during your trip, instead of an enormous and impersonal entity that you may or may not be able to contact, you have a real person who knows you and is commited to helping you. Moreover, a CTC's travel experience can often mean loads of personal suggestions and "don't miss this!" tips that will enhance and add value to your trip. For example, here are excerpts from the type of first-hand, personalized information Sally Watkins, CTC provided recent clients going to Paris.


Why utilize a
Certified Travel
Counselor to help
plan your next trip?

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